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febrero 27th, 2014porjavi jaguar

Para celebrar su trigésimo aniversario, el próximo 23 de mayo  RAGE,  lanzan al mercado un  nuevo trabajo  titulado “The Soundchaser Archives”, con dos cds en el que se incluye material inédito y demos, además de un DVD con su actuación en el Masters Of Rock del año pasado.

Track List:

01. Anybody Home?
02. Mystery Trip
03. In Union
04. Long Hard Road
05. Full Moon (International Version)
06. Nevermore
07. French Bourrée
08. A Perfect Day
09. Enough Is Enough
10. Here Comes The Night
11. Spiritual Awakening
12. Lost In The Void
13. The Missing Link
14. Another Kind Of Madness
15. Down To The Bone

01. The Speed Of Sound
02. Darkness Turns To Light
03. Death Is Alive
04. Gentle Murders
05. From The Cradle To The Grave
06. Refuge
07. Fugue No. 5
08. Last Goodbye
09. Dirty Wings
10. The Pit And The Pendulum
11. Waterfalls
12. Heads Off
13. Assorted By Satan
14. Shame On You
15. Soundchaser

Live at “Masters of Rock” Festival 2013
01. Cleansed by Fire
02. From the Cradle to the Grave
03. Scapegoat
04. The Devil’s Bride
05. Empty Hollow
06. Lament
07. Suite Lingua Mortis:
– Prelude of Souls
– Innocent
– Depression
– No Regrets
08. Witches’ Judge
09. Straight to Hell
+ Interviews & Bonus Videos

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