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diciembre 7th, 2017porjavi jaguar

DREAM THEATER editará un nuevo directo. Lo han titulado Back to Budokan 2017 y lo grabaron el día 11 de septiembre en el mítico Budokan de Tokyo durante su Images, Words & Beyond 25th Anniversary Tour.

Disc 1
Opening (The colonel)
The dark eternal night
The bigger picture
Hell’s kitchen
The gift of music
Our new world
Portrait of tracy (John Myung solo)
As I am
Breaking all illusions

Disc 2
Pull me under
Another day
Take the time (Extended outro with John Petrucci guitar solo)
Metropolis Pt. 1 (Mike Mangini solo)
Under a glass moon
Wait for sleep (Extended keyboard intro)
Learning to live

Disc 3
A change of seasons

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